THE ENIYA TREE


Soul Quest 


Theres 'magick' in the air.

You have been called.


Your heart is awakening. It is calling for you to travel deep into the underworld into darkness, to travel high into the upper world into lightness, exploring the dimensions of oneself and facing the ego.

Through timeless ceremony, stillness, meditation, nature, the elements, the fire, the hunger, see & feel the mind, body & spirit reveal itself as a mirror before you. Observe the trickster as it dances its merry dance through each, paving its path of 'the fool' for you to walk. Dance with the fool as you gradually lead yourself towards experiencing your own ego death, witness & feel the death as you set intentions to fully live whilst you're alive.

Rise whole out of the ashes.

Open your ancient eyes and remember who you are.


If you find yourself reading this, perhaps you have been drawn here. Perhaps you have felt a calling to explore a Soul Quest. A stirring, a feeling deep within that is questioning that there must be something more to the way you feel. Perhaps it's an unease. A fidgeting feeling. Unrest. An unexplainable excitedness. Are you asking yourself questions like there has got to be more to life than this. Or who am I? What is the meaning of life? Why don't things go right for me? I'm asking but no one seems to listen, a feeling that your life no longer is serving you etc.


All the answers that you require to any question lie within yourself. You just have to get over your 'self' (ego) to get out of your own way to be able to hear the answers. An ego death is required.


A soul quest through The Eniya Tree will take you on a deep personal journey to give you the tools required to enable you to get out of your own way to live your life with a better understanding of your purpose here enabling an improved quality in the way you live and understand all things that you encounter.


Life as you knew it will no longer serve you in quite the same way. 


If you wish to become calmer, softer (do not mistake this for weakness), less angry, more patient, more open, more loving, more connected, leave past traumas behind, to become less used & be more useful through greater understanding then these are just a few benefits to a Soul Quest. 


Prior to booking a Soul Quest please write to us explaining your reasons for wanting to do a Soul Quest, telling us a bit of relevant information about yourself.  


If possible please spend 24hrs the week before your retreat in a quiet location without food to test your reaction to feeling & coping with hunger to set yourself up for your 4 days without food.


If you have medical conditions that do not enable you to fast then this can be tailored to suit. 

We obviously cannot make you not have food during your soul quest. It is your own self honesty & discipline that you have to take responsibility for as to how much you wish to adhere to what is suggested. You get out what you put in. 


Usually on a Soul Quest you are to sleep using a tarp or creating your own shelter, however we feel that this can sometimes discourage those with certain fears of sleeping unprotected. Although the point of a Soul Quest is to put yourself through things that are not necessarily going to be comfortable for oneself we don't wish to exclude those that could gain great benefit from experiencing a Soul Quest if only they were allowed to have a tent etc. So therefore we do allow a small basic tent to be used. However blow up mattresses & luxury camping gear is not permitted. 

Please supply your own tarp or tent.

Our soul quests are run on a quality 1:1 basis or if you are a couple then it will solely be the both of you receiving our guidance. You will have sole occupancy of the Eniya Barn. 

We feel that because of the intense nature of this journey and the energies & emotions that it can bring up within a group situation, we  acknowledge that sometimes this can feel overwhelming when other peoples energies  project onto yourself, we understand that this may block, silence or intimidate one from fully allowing yourself to open to your true essence. So that's why we believe one to one or couple ceremonies offer the best possible personal outcome rather than a group quest by holding space for the individual or couple which in turn benefits your experience.


If you book as a couple then you are expected to choose your camp well away from each other so as not to be able to see signs of the other or be within a distance where you will walk to see each other. There must be no communication for the duration of your wild Soul Quest camp. 


The Quest lasts for 7 days. It will take place starting & finishing from The Eniya Barn whilst experiencing 4 nights in the beautiful wilderness of the mountains alone with only a few essentials. 

The first evening we will gather together at a fire ceremony where a hearty soup will be served along with a ceremonial drink to open up thoughts, intentions & guidance for your soul quest.

The next morning we rise to stand upon the mountain, to connect to the mountain, to ask for protection & guidance. To call in our ancestors/animal spirits/mother earth & father sky. We will connect to the elements around us before you set off on your own to find your own personal space of your choice for the next 4 nights. 

You are encouraged to go without food for the duration but if you do not wish to go that far or medical reasons exempt you from doing so then we do not feel you should miss out on what can be a great transformative experience. 

Time dissolves as the sun, darkness & light becomes your only clock. 

Your senses heighten & deepen as survival returns as our basic principal.

Nature becomes our teacher, fire & water our only real needs. 

Hunger dissipitates as we feel nourished by the teachings of the universe. 

As you rise on the 5th morning of your wild quest, (6th day of the whole retreat) you will take time to pack up your area, leaving no trace of you being there and return to The Eniya Barn by 4pm. There will again be a hearty soup served around 5.30pm followed by a gentle evening of discussion, guidance & thanks around the fire to help you to settle into your new self before a well earned nights rest in the Eniya Barn before you depart the next morning equipped with all you have learned & experienced. 


A Soul Quest is an extreme experience therefore you must be well both in body & mind to come on a Soul Quest.


This is not an ayahuasca retreat. 

You may use tobacco for ceremonial purposes, ie. Not inhaling it to the lungs.

No cigarettes, alcohol or chemical drugs are to be consumed. 

A camp kit list & location will be given on receipt of the full non refundable payment, Please see our bookings page for t&c's. regarding this.

Any further questions & for booking please use our contact page.

Are you ready to remember who you are?


Arise anew