THE ENIYA TREE


Silent Solitary Experience

The Silent Solitary. This is an intense experience for those that feel they need to go on a deep personal internal journey with themselves. This is not a holiday! Your time is spent in total silence.  We ask that you remain in silence to allow yourself to go deeper and connect to nature and the environment around you. Being in silence allows us to notice the other senses we have and to quiet the minds constant rattlings that often manifest themselves verbally. It is very important to ride through the emotions that may arise, only then will you truly feel the benefit from such an experience. We are always on hand for you to step out of your silence if you need a little guidance to help you work through it. There is also a message box system that allows you to communicate without stepping out of your silence.

Its intention is far from a punishment, but at the same time it isnt supposed to always be easy. It is often a very humbling, powerful, emotional & sometimes life changing experience.

Going back out into the busy world can be daunting after such an experience so please feel free to catch us for some advice on that. 

You must not be ill mentally or physically to come on any of the sessions.  If you suffer from bouts of mental illness/depression then we strongly advise you not to do a solitary retreat until you are deemed well, stable and strong enough, this is for your own well being as this can bring on a variety of reactions within yourself. It is your responsibility for judging this so must therefore be of sound mind to be able to rationally judge this in yourself or deemed well by a medical professional.

By booking a retreat you are acknowledging and agreeing that you are fit, healthy and well at the time of your stay both mentally and physically.

Please be aware a silent solitary retreat isn't a holiday. It is meant to be simple & close to the elements where one can experience a minimalistic lifestyle where we drop our needy nature for luxury items & modern environment. It's a place to let go of our quick to complain natures & learn to accept & be content.  

The Buddha taught a similar mindset which is the acceptance of all things. If we practice this then life becomes less triggering & simpler. 

Please bring your food & drink with you for your stay. These should be kept to easy to carry, lightweight simple foods. It's a great time to embrace eating less, simply & wholesome. 

The same ethos applies to clothing. Embrace thermal base layers which are both lightweight & warm for under your clothes. Lots of layers are best. Fleeces rather than sweatshirts which stay warm & dry out easily. Woolly hat & thick socks. Simplify & minimise what you bring. 

Incense, candles, meditation cushion & small kneel pad mat are provided. There is a dining chair if you wish to sit up to meditate.

You will be staying in The Eniya Barn so please read all info about it so you are clear of the environment you will be in & ask any questions prior to booking.