How Eniya was created

'The Eniya Tree' was named in a moment sat with my then young Son in nature, he asked "if you could name a new tree what would it be called?" The name came to me instantly, without thought or hesitation, "The Eniya Tree" I replied. I didn't understand where on earth that came from, but I knew there was something special about that moment that would make sense one day. Slowly by being more aware and understanding my own life's journey, I began to feel what The Eniya Tree wanted to become. Eventually after making a big decision to move from Hampshire to North Wales we found a beautiful rare property with a separate barn and there it was. I looked at the barn and said "That's The Eniya Tree Barn".

As we began to renovate it, it started forming into what it needed to be. Now we're ready to share this wonderful, unique space and lifestyle that it offers. 

We are a small family run private venture not a big business funded affair so thank you for your support.

So, whatever brings you to the barn we hope it will give you a sense of real magik just to be here.

You'll have the opportunity to journey into self discovery and awareness through meditation, the natural environment & mindfulness. It's a perfect place to start to understand there's a better version of yourself to spend time with.

As for 'us', Individually we have, like everyone, trod our own 'perfect' personal path that led us to here and now. Realising that our past ways of living had always left us individually with an empty feeling of being misunderstood, unheard & out of place living amongst the needs & greeds of people always wanting more. Our lifestyles were not enabling us to be true to ourselves. A deep powerful knowing that we had a shared purpose together gave us the strength to take the leap that was required to really live. 

I, Jenna had always been drawn to nature, the wilds, the native American ways of sitting & communicating around a circular fire, the dark journeying, the moon, the creative & different path. I've never been afraid of being & exploring alone & daring to be different.

Whilst sitting on the red earth at Uluru with the native aboriginals it pulled me back into acknowledging the importance of our lost ancestral ways. 

I spent the strangest most profound night of my life in Hampshire where we lived, down a rabbit hole in the woods, I crept like Alice in wonderland through a small hole in the earth just big enough to wiggle like a worm downwards that led down underground into the forest floor, which then opened out enough to fit 2 people to sit & sleep of which we did. One of the photos on the website is from down there. It was extremely bizarre being underground in the earth whilst alive. A night that still sits with me to this day. Offering Soul Quests is the nearerst thing to this experience of dying whilst alive I could offer. 

My first retreat experience at 'The Barn' in Sharpham Devon led to a moment of powerful realization that this different way of being was real and that it can exist. The Barn will always hold a special place in my heart for shaping my own Eniya Barn experience all these years later. Before embarking on this new life I wanted to gain a counselling qualification to enhance my ability to help people and did so prior to moving.

I'm an NVQ 3 advanced trained independent Sacred Celebrant/Ceremonialist. Please visit for more information.

Dave has completely changed the way he gardens now after 25 plus years of 'traditional' gardening. Now using permaculture methods & design he is creating an abundant natural, no dig,organic, self balancing garden. An abundant food forest where we can walk & pick food at every turn. Following the great guidance of Bill Mollison & Geoff Lawton of which he intends embarking on achieving a qualification in Geoff Lawtons next permaculture & design course. 

He too has spent his life working in nature & deep self exploration. Yoga & Survival bushcrafts come naturally as well as his creative musicianship skills of which move closer in direction to his natural celtic DNA by the day! 

He is very environmentally aware & cares deeply about doing his bit for future generations. 

Nature is the perfect place to feel healthier, more alive and different. It holds a perfect space for head clearing and healing, it usually gives us all the answers we need. The Love & energies are palpable here.

The most perfect property came up for us to make this lifestyle possible for ourselves and now for you.

We continue our wonder-full journey and hope you join us on this 'extra-ordinary' experience.