We want you to enjoy your stay with us and therefore want to be as honest as we can about staying in this environment with us.

At The Eniya Barn it is a very different way of life. Up here in the beautiful wilds, we promote a way of living that works with the environment so we ask you to support that whilst you stay. We can't (and dont wish to) use chemicals down our drains as we are not on mains drainage, so please only use natural toiletries and products that will go down any of our plugholes otherwise it will kill the important bacteria that breaks down our waste which would lead to us having big problems. Thank you for your understanding!

We use a 'normal looking' sawdust composting toilet. It smells less than a regular toilet, uses no water and it's eco friendly.

Please provide your own food & drink for your stay as we don't go shopping with you or for you. It's a great time to combine your stay with minimising the amount of unnecessary food we can consume. If you are on a solitary or meditation retreat then alcohol is not permitted. 

We provide a set amount of bottled water for the duration of your stay.

Please bring your own bathing towels for personal hygiene reasons and personal toiletries. We supply hand towels.

Basic crockery, pots and utensils, along with shower gel and hand soaps will be provided. Please bring as natural a shampoo & conditioner as possible such as a fruit one, although we aim to provide these as much as possible.   Toothpaste (normal is fine in small amounts)

As much as we love & have children it's not the place for young babies or children. 

The garden is a beyond organic food forest, nearly every part will contain seed or food or something growing that is supporting the permaculture methods used here.

Sorry no pets allowed. Please understand there are too many sheep to risk dogs being here. Also meditation retreatants need to sit on the cream carpet floor so health and hygiene is important along with minimizing allergy reactions from pet hair & pets on furniture or beds is an absolute no no.

It is a non smoking barn however e-cigs indoors are permitted. Smoking of tobacco is permitted outside but please make sure cigarettes are completely extinguished in outside metal bucket provided.

We ask that outdoor shoes/boots are not worn inside of the barn to keep it as nice as possible, so bring warm thick socks or clean soled slippers that are worn only inside. Bring something easy to get on & off when in & out of the barn, especially on arrival when bringing in your belongings. 

Unfortunately It would be quite difficult for anyone needing wheelchair access to get up and around here. Its a very old boulder stone built property so doors can't be changed and the outdoors is an uneven (sometimes slippery) slate, granite, rocky floor as we literally do live on a mountain which would make wheelchairs nearly impossible to manoeuvre. Please by all means contact us if you would like to discuss your degree of disability to see if it will be suitable for you.

If you don't drive or do not wish to drive then we can collect from Bangor railway station if required. Please arrange this in plenty of time with us prior to your stay.

Walking sticks are advised for walking on the mountain or if unsteady on your feet. 

Its a single level barn so no stairs to go up. A very small step up is at the entrance to the barn and slight step into bathroom but we are talking an inch or so.

Its an uneven uphill track across a farmers field to reach our property, approx 4 minute walk, 2 minute slow drive up from the road gate. It can get muddy, wet & laiden with sheep/cow poop! Please wear sturdy covered-in outdoor footwear on arrival. There are many mountain sheep and sometimes cows in this field, please shut the gate to the road at all times. If the other gates on the track are open please leave them open, if they are shut please shut them behind you-thank you!

There is a beautiful log burner which we will provide the total amount of wood for your stay. This has to be kiln dried wood so please don't use anything else in it. Any additional wood can be purchased from us.

The mountains can provide their own weather systems and it can change rapidly. Please bring warm outdoor clothing, layers are best and sturdy enclosed shoes that you are prepared to get wet and muddy. Wet weather gear is essential. If its spring/summer midge protection is useful and suncream as when its hot and sunny its really powerful.

Extra visitors or guests are not permitted to stay or visit, this is our home not a hostel. Any additional guests that are added on after initial booking will need to pay for their stay.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to not come if we see reason for you not to or be asked to leave if they are not behaving in an acceptable way with immediate effect and without refund as per our t&c's. by continuing to book you agree to adhere to this. 

Moderate dress code applies even on self catering holidays. Please respect this for the comfort of us being in our home environment. 

Unfortunately we've had to include this ask....This is a place to practice mindfulness regardless of whether you are on a holiday option. It's not a holiday barn for getting so drunk that you throw up or fill up the toilet bucket with urinated pints of alcohol.  Please be mindful that we have to handle & compost your toilet. The toilet buckets aren't an instant tip out & give back, they need to sit unprocessed for a few months so we process only enough for your stay ahead of time. 

Payment is non refundable but we are happy to move your date within the same year. By booking you are agreeing to this.

Preferred change over day is a Saturday. 

Arrivals after 2pm, departing by 11am. 

Some solitary retreatants move things around or pack them away to minimise visual stimulation. We are happy for you to do so but please put the barn back as you found it. 

Any questions please ask prior to coming so you are fully aware of everything when you come.