THE ENIYA TREE



Forest Bathing originates from a practice in Japan. They call it shinrin yoku. 

Forest Bathing or ecotherapy as its sometimes called, is the art of being still and/or walking, deep observation, & being in a state of awakened calm within a forest setting. 

The benefits of forest bathing are numerous & personal. It can lower blood pressure, boost immunity,calm the mind, relieve tension in the body, heighten awareness, connect one deeper to nature & your practice, give clarity & a sense of peace to name but a few.

A forest bathing experience can be added on even if you are in silence.

We will arrange a mutually convenient day & time & drive to the local Forest for the experience.

You will need a roll mat, blanket if desired & cushion for your head if you don't wish to lay flat and a bottle of water. 

Please wear suitable comfy clothing & sensible footwear for the forest floor. Footwear can be removed once we've found our location if you so wish.

If it is wet this will still go ahead if there are no alternative fine days just bring full waterproofs.

If you are on a silent retreat we can organise this via our message box system if you haven't booked prior to arriving. If you wish to remain in silence then this is possible or you can choose to step out of silence purely during the experience. 

Price per adult £25, payable prior to the experience. 

Book via our contact page or whilst on retreat.

Allow approx 2hrs.