THE ENIYA TREE



Never has there been a more profound opportunity to awaken than now.

The importance to re-evaluate the way we live, to shed deep routed fears & debilitating doubts that hold us back from our true essence & to embrace new patterns of thinking & being is essential to our wellbeing. Re-wiring our brains & re-firing our life holds many health benefits that can awaken your whole being to live a more worthwhile existence. Joy, happiness & peaceful contentment are there for anyone to tap into, we just have to learn how. These feelings are available to all without exclusion. The Eniya Tree is a place to remember who you are & re-learn what our ancestors already knew.

The Eniya barn is where the real magik happens. It sits close to our house but is detached with it's own small walled garden area which is great for taking in the mountain views & bird song & a night time delight under uncompromising starry night skies where the Milky Way is visible.

If you are staying on retreat at the Eniya Barn please be aware the only source of heat comes from a log burner to the main open living & sleeping area & is without heat in the bathroom. It is off grid except for electricity.

It is a boulderstone building which sits on bedrock so expect to wrap up at all times especially in the winter. We would recommend only the hardiest stay during winter months or those looking to experience a breakthrough of self & modern lifestyle, however there is an electric blanket on the bed & hot water bottle & blankets provided. 

Please read the FAQS page before booking. 

Dress code applies to all who stay. 

Please feel free to use the contact us page with any questions you may have or to book in with us.

We look forward to your arrival!