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We aim to make this an achievable getaway for all and hope that this is reflected in our suggested voluntary prices. Your money is used soley on the yearly up-keep internally & externally & heating costs on a stone built 16th century property that gets hit by high winds, heavy rain & snow every winter as well as very hot drying sun during spring and summer. Also your money goes to the collection & drop off we offer (currently not available due to government restrictions for covid) from local train stations and the sustainable wood that is our only heat source up here. The track up to us gets washed away after heavy rainfall & this has to be maintained in order to get you up to us. We do not pay ourselves a wage so your payment, although voluntary, allows us to be able to offer what we believe are the huge health, mind and wellness benefits of this beautiful place.

We offer our space for 139 days out of 365 so book now to avoid disappointment.

Current 2020 prices for sole use of the barn.


Adults - £260 per person per week (6 nights, leave on 7th).

SOUL QUEST - £450  per person for 7days. Minimum age 21yrs. 

Forest Bathing - £25 per person.

Meditation classes and counselling please contact us with your requirements and for a price.

Please note

meditation or solitary retreats are not suitable for children, you must be 18yrs or over to book on these. It is very important that you read all of the Facts on our FAQS page prior to booking so you know what to expect about our location & facilities. 

How to book & our terms & conditions.

By booking you are agreeing to them.

Click on 'Availibility Calender' below to check if your desired dates are available.

If they are, send your requirements and details via the contact us form.

Once you have had a response from The Eniya Barn then please continue by paying in FULL for your stay, just as you would if purchasing a concert ot theatre ticket. This promotes a dual benefit of your commitment to your decision and it helps us to run this space efficiently.

Please contact us if you have difficulties with this.

Please pay via bank transfer, details given on receiving your booking.

We will send an emailed receipt to confirm we have received your booking and payment.

If you don't receive a confirmation email within 48hours of booking please contact us as your booking may not be valid.

Your desired dates are not yours until full payment is received so if we receive another enquiry for the same dates we will notify you and give you 24hrs to secure payment, if we havent received communication and payment from yourselves then those dates will be released to the next enquiry.

The payment is non refundable once paid but your dates of stay can be re-arranged for a different time within the same year. There are no circumstances that void this decision as we simply will not have your payment to return to you. Your payment is immediately spent on your firewood along with constant 12 monthly maintenance of the track & barn. We have to purchase specific kiln dried logs in bulk. We spend at least £1,600 on this firewood alone & the company that delivers it can only get to us in dry weather due to our location & track so every time someone books the money goes out to get in your firewood whilst they can still deliver. Please do not book if you are not happy to agree to this term & condition.

By reading this & continuing to book you are accepting these terms & conditions.

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