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Silent Solitary Retreat

The Solitary Retreat. This is an intense retreat for those that feel they need to go on a deep personal internal journey with themselves. It is a totally silent retreat.  We ask that you remain in silence to allow yourself to go deeper and connect to nature and the environment around you. Being in silence allows us to notice the other senses we have and to quiet the minds constant rattlings that often manifest themselves verbally. Only one person at a time can stay at The Eniya Barn for this option and you can stay from 3-10days. We ask that you persevere and stay the whole time you have booked no matter how difficult your experience may be. It is very important to ride through the emotions that may arise, only then will you truly feel the benefit from such an experience. We are always on hand for you to step out of your silence if you need a little guidance to help you work through it. Its intention is far from a punishment, it is often a very humbling powerful, emotional experience.

You will be welcomed on arrival and have a catch up before departure, but the rest of your stay will be solitary and silent. It will give you a lot of space and time within the perfect complimentary environment to face, and get to know yourself. We ask that you follow the routine of 3 times a day meditations for yourself and that you practice mindfulness in any tasks that you carry out, we can guide you on any of this on arrival. Time disappears and you will be able to connect very deeply to the natural surroundings and your purpose. The days and nights are yours to organise but remember that going off into a larger town is probably non-conducive to choosing this particular retreat and we do ask that you stay within the grounds of the mountainside or local walks for maximum effect.

Walking meditations are suitable and if you come across someone that says hello then it is up to you whether you silently smile and nod politely or choose to speak only the greeting back. Some people carry a small note saying they are in silence.

Try to have everything you need to see you through the retreat so popping into a shop isn't necessary. Please purchase your food and drink prior to your arrival. If you are desperate for something we can try to get it for you but once were up here we don't tend to go back out unless essential.

Going back out into the busy world can be daunting after such a retreat so please feel free to catch us for some advice on that before you leave if you feel you need it.

Any questions ask prior to booking please & don't hesitate to contact us via the contact us tab in the menu to do so. 

You must not be ill mentally or physically to come on a solitary or meditation retreat.  If you suffer from bouts of mental illness/depression then we strongly advise you not to do a solitary retreat until you are deemed well, stable and strong enough, this is for your own well being as this can bring on a variety of reactions within yourself. It is your responsibility for judging this so must therefore be of sound mind to be able to rationally judge this in yourself or deemed well by a medical professional.

By booking a retreat you are acknowledging and agreeing that you are fit, healthy and well at the time of your stay both mentally and physically.

Incense, candles, meditation cushion & small kneel pad mat are provided. There is a dining chair if you wish to sit up to meditate.

Please bring your own blanket for meditation.