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We are super honoured & excited to be able to share with you that The Eniya Tree will be offering ceremonies in the near future. 
From Sep 2021 I will officially be a qualified IPHM accredited sacred celebrant trained by a Priestess of Avalon at The Avalon Goddess Temple Glastonbury, allowing me to provide some wonderful services in 2022 at The Eniya Barn or alternatively I can travel to you at your chosen venue & perform the ceremony.
For weddings this can be alongside an official registrar if you wish to legalize your wedding.

These are the ceremonies we can offer as follows:
♡Couples handfasting wedding ceremonies.
♡Renewal of vows. 
♡Baby naming.
♡Adult renaming.
♡Passing over ceremonies. 
♡Life celebration ceremonies for those who have had a terminal illness diagnosis.

We are happy to discuss any other bespoke ceremony that you may wish to have.

The style of these ceremonies would suit those who have a free spirited nature & feel the connection to the natural world & universe around them.
If you wish to have a ceremony that feels truer to your hearts, honouring the utmost connection to your loved ones with a wish to reflect the personality they & you are (or were) without the boundaries of restrictions, formalities, legalities or religion. That said it matters not if you have faith in any religion, we are neutral in our beliefs here & welcome all. 

As the celebrant I am here to guide & hold space for the ceremony & work with your wishes to help your day & dreams unfold that will have an everlasting wow factor. 

If you wish me to attend your chosen venue then the fee will depend on how far I'd need to travel & if I would require an overnight stay. Please contact me with your details & I will get back to you. 

Our location is set within Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. Our venue is a little way up a beautiful mountainside in the heart of nature. Please visit the rest of the website for further details & photos. We are under way of transforming the garden ready for our ceremonies. More photos will follow.

Love is so individual that it seems almost disrespectful to have a ceremony using the same wording as the wedding that took place just before yours.
A person has bared their love & offered themselves to you in a proposal of marriage. This is a wonderful gift to receive. Your ceremony deserves to reflect this personal life-love offering.
Perhaps you are drawn towards having a unique ceremony. Maybe the formal church route just doesn't feel right for you especially if you aren't overly religious or relate to the text that has to be followed within the church setting.
For those on a second, third or more marriages then church weddings are usually a no go & a registry office setting perhaps isn't romantic enough to fulfill your dreams & ideals now that you have met the one you were destined for. 
Your celebration day is one that deserves a true reflection of yourselves. Honour this love with a ceremony that represents you, your partner, your hearts & the life you choose. 
We offer a beautiful handfasting wedding ceremony that will take your magical day to a deeper level. 

Handfasting is where the term 'tying the knot' originated from. Athough it gets perceived as a bohemian or nature wedding for alternative folk, it is actually a very old beautiful ancient tradition that unfortunately has been lost over time. 
It's now time to reclaim these wonderful rites of love & declare your personal vows to your beloved upon this wonderful mountainside. 

The ceremony will take place within our very special stone circle that draws it's energy from the equinox, moon rises & solstices to which the stones were placed.
If the weather is too bad for the ceremony to take place outside then we offer the cosy Eniya Barn with its log burner & rustic charm all decorated beautifully for your service, but we are happy to brave it outdoors if you are determined no matter what the weather. It can actually make for a very strong ceremony & be very freeing & wild, stirring up the winds of passion & washing away the past allowing in the new, refreshing upon you both with the force of nature. If you feel like a big warrior roar at the time then go ahead! 

If you are night owls you may like to opt for a twilight ceremony. The night sky can be breath taking here with the crystal clear dark skies filled with so many stars, the visible milky way & the powerful light of the moon. 

Whatever you decide, we are here to listen to your love story & co-create such a special day that has an integrity & depth that will stay etched in your hearts for years to come.

These ceremonies are not legally binding ceremonies. You can arrange a registrar to be present to witness the marriage & make it legal or you can legalize it within a registry office afterwards for an addition fee set by the registry office.
Our Weddings are an agreement bound between the two of you using your own unique written vows to one another. 
We make your 'big day' very special & decorate the area using beautiful fairy lights, flowers, rustic candles & floaty delicate material to create this 'real' fairy tale setting for your wedding day. 

Indigo Moon handfasting wedding ceremony package.
This beautiful wedding ceremony is for those that don't feel the need for much more than each other & love.  An intimate, deeply profound service full of connection, meaning & joy.
This package includes:
●The consultation, planning & the ceremony itself.
●Exclusive hire of our stunning location.
●Lovingly crafted Handfasting ceremonial ribbons (colour of your choice)
●Handfasting candle.
●Handfasting smudging incense.
●Besom broom (decorated with colours of your choice)
●Wonderful decoration of the wedding area.
●Services of a professional photographer for 1-2hours. (This can be extended)
●Delicious wedding cake.
●Celebration fruit punch.
●Authentic ring cushion.
● Beautiful unique Marriage certificate (not a legal document) Handcrafted by local artist.
●Service can be just the 2 of you but can include up to 25 guests.

Total Cost £1500.

Staying at The Eniya Barn for the couple only can be added as an extra at a discounted rate of £35pppn. 
There are plenty of local accommodation options for your guests to stay in.

Optional extras can be added at an additional cost such as
●Meditation & clearing of past ceremony.
●Mountain mini ceremony to connect with the mountain you will be marrying on.
●Bridal hair
●Catering-finger buffet style only.
 Please contact us to discuss & arrange any of the optional extras giving plenty of notice.

We are happy if you wish to organize these extras yourself but It will be your responsibility to arrange them. if you choose this options please speak to us first especially if you intend to have anything delivered to us.  

Renewing of vows ceremony. 
Choosing to re-confirm your vows can be more precious than when you first took them. Life, time & you have grown. With it so has your Love. Love changes, deepens & expands with experience & understanding. Perhaps there are things you'd like to say or do differently now you are older & wiser. Showing your commitment again reconfirms your love, perhaps sharing this wonderful day with people that are now more a part of your daily world or keeping it deeply exclusive for just the 2 of you.
This Timeless love package
● Consultation of your love journey, planning of the special day & the ceremony itself.
● Hire of our stunning venue.
● Professional services of a qualified Celebrant.
● A Certificate of your reconfirmed vows (not a legal document)
● A delicious celebration cake.
● Tasty fruit punch.
● Beautiful decoration of the ceremony area.
● Handcrafted renewal cords. 
● Ceremony candle.
● Professional photographer 1-2 hours.
● Music to enter to if desired.
● Includes up to 25 guests.

Total £985.

A stay at The Eniya Barn Can be added on as an extra for the couple only at the discounted price of £35pppn. 

There are plenty of nearby accommodation options for your guests. 

Baby Naming ceremonies.
How precious is the gift of life. Naming your bundle of joy is such a reason for a celebration.
This is a heartwarming, joyous occasion to present your little one with its given name. 
This celebration is held in hands with nature & not religion. We bless the child with the water of life, the air of life, the earth of life & the fire that burns true in their pure unscathed, unconditional hearts.
We honour that they are vessels of light & acknowledge that we have a duty to them to teach them well.
Arise dear little one & carry your name forth & remind us all to live as simply as you do in this moment!
This ceremony includes:
●The consultation, planning & ceremony itself.
● Exclusive hire of this stunning location.
●Tasteful decoration of the ceremony area.
●Wish ribbons for all guests.
●A celebration cake to share after the ceremony.
●Up to 20 guests.
●Name certificate.
Total £270.

Hire of a professional photographer for the ceremony can be added as an extra charge.

Passing over ceremony. 
First & foremost if you are reading this & have recently lost someone then my sincere condolences to you. 
This ceremony is usually held after the lifebody of the deceased has been cremated or buried. 
If there are ashes these are often brought to this ceremony. 
A person passing away can bring about a mixture of emotions & everyone needs to feel free to honour their individual feelings & ways of coping. This ceremony is focused on celebrating the deceased in a dignified, complimentary way to their personality whilst they were alive. You may feel a traditional service may be too 'set' to truly reflect the personality of the deceased & would like a more personalised ceremony. 
I work together with you to tenderly honour & guide a ceremony that they would relate to & hopefully do them proud. This can be very helpful in the healing process of those they leave behind. 
This passing over ceremony includes:
●The consultation, planning & ceremony itself.
●Hire of our very appropriate venue.
●A tasteful area set up to honour the departed.
●Candles for each guest.
●Release ribbons for each guest.
●Tea & Coffee.
●For up to 20 guests.

Total £350

Adult re-naming ceremony.
So you were named at birth by your parents or carer that loved your given name, yet you perhaps not so much.  
You may feel as you grew up that you didn't connect with that name or who you were expected to be. 
Perhaps Mark felt more like a Mabel or Stephanie a Stephen.
Perhaps John feels more like a johanestasia lemonbalm moon davinci.
Maybe you would like to take on a spiritual name that you feel you are being called to & associate to more.
Or you just plain & simply fancy changing your name. 
Whatever the reason we have the ceremony.
The re-naming ceremony includes:
●The consultation, planning & the ceremony itself.
●The hire of our stunning location.
●Decoration of the ceremony area.
●Delicious celebration cake.
●Tasty fruit punch.
●Name certificate (not a legal document)
●Up to 20 guests.

Total £450.

A professional photographer can be added at an extra cost.

Life celebration ceremony.
This ceremony is for those that have received a life threatening illness diagnosis. If perhaps you have an amazing attitude & personality & you would like to have a ceremony celebration with your dear ones to honour your life thus far & seek & share comfort in what lies ahead with those around you then this ceremony is a beautiful recognition of being entirely in the now living each day as it comes. 
We are alive until we are not, so live whilst you are alive & able. 
Sometimes guests like to, with your agreement, say a few words to you. The ceremony is very much tailored to suit your requirements incorporating the comforting ceremony that I weave around it. 
This ceremony includes:
●The consultation, planning & ceremony itself.
●Hire of our stunning location.
●Decoration of the ceremony area.
●Smudging incense if it can be tolerated.
●Ribbon weave with audience participation. 
●Fruit punch or tea & coffee.
●Celebration cake.
●Up to 20 guests.

Total cost £450

A photographer can be added at an addition cost.

At all of our ceremonies we welcome everyone inclusive of but not limited to LGBTQQIP2SAA. Love is gender & judgement free.

This unique mountainside location is about embracing nature, the wilds, the earth, the rustic imperfect yet perfect charm.

Bare feet, flats or sturdy boots are far more suitable up here than a pair of high heels but by all means bring a pair for the photos.
Please ensure you & any guests are fully aware of the environment & type of wedding or ceremony they are coming to. 

We cannot wait to go on this incredible journey with you.

Prices are subject to change.

Please use the contact us form for any questions or to book.