THE ENIYA TREE 


Scream Therapy & Laughing Yoga

Scream Therapy

How many times do we say we felt like screaming? Well there is method in our madness. Scream therapy actually is starting to be recognised once again as a helpful therapy to our mental health. 

Scream therapy will run once a month for a group of up to 11 people. If you are on retreat then you can book a 1:1 session.

We will gather together & use release work for really shifting those toxic angers out of us by using Scream therapy around a fire. 


When we laugh we release feel good hormones which benefit our body & mind greatly. 

At first we force a laugh but it soon turns to genuine laughter & fun fact did you know that after 10mins of laughing our brains can't tell the difference between a genuine laugh & a forced laugh & releases the endorphins regardless. 

The use of group laughter yoga again has proven health benefits especially when we come together in a safe space community. 

Every other week on a Monday we will gather to release our inhibitions & feel that surge of feel good endorphins in a guided session. Let's start the week in a good mood! 

If you are on retreat you can book a 1:1 session. 

To book please use the contact form.

I look forward to screaming & laughing with you soon!