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Land Design & Tutoring services 

Permaculture is a way of gardening that works with nature, the environment & the land. 

It's based upon 3 ethics:

Earth care

People care

Return Surplus 

If every decision or action is made using those 3 ethics then the planet can heal & work efficiently.

Our gardens can be wasted spaces & unfertile places. Some might look pretty but it can be lifeless from the soil down. 

How about having an abundant food forest that looks pretty too? 

You don't need masses of land, infact you can have a balcony or windowsill & still produce food for yourself. If you have alot of Land then maybe providing for your community would be possible as well as bringing in an income.

Understanding your garden, land or how best to grow on your balcony,  from a trained permacultural eye can help transform your space in a short time frame to make good use of any problematic water or soil areas, using & understanding the wind, sun positions & energies that move through your property to give you a garden that works sufficiently in accordance with nature giving abundant results. 

Dave is available for a professional quality consultation, design service & help on all things Permaculture having trained for his PDC by the top man Geoff Lawton.

Please contact Dave via the contact form.