THE ENIYA TREE



Men welcome to a 1 day retreat class especially & solely for men! Congratulations on being here!

There are many 'women style classes out there so heres something for those men that are able to recognize there is growth to be had within themselves.

Men have sadly very often not had the opportunity growing up to be taught how to communicate effectively when it comes to feelings. They are left alone to grunt or say very little as teenagers & then avoid any situation where communication of feelings are required because of embarrassment or that uncomfy feeling of not knowing how to express their feelings or even worse being told its not manly by some father figure or heavily testosteroned friend group. 

A nurturing day will be held for men to join in their brotherhood to safely release & unlearn 'the neaderthal within', the juvenille trappings & adolescent safety responses that allows them to have avoided confrontation & to turn it around into being able to hold a safe space for their partners to feel heard & loved, and for them to be able to open that scary lock within themselves allowing for their personal relationships & themselves to finally blossom. 

It's a day of fire, of darkness, of earthy ancestry to emerge into the lighter sky re-shaped into an evolved better version of you. 

Its a very overdue class with only one other female to my knowledge that offers such classes with her lovely male partner that was able to recognize this shift in men was required.

I have learned from my own personal experience that It's not acceptable to have "blah blah blah" said over the top of you as a response when you try to speak about something they dont want to listen to. The ignorant childish response of "whatever" is all too often sadly used which only brings further frustration & separation when a more positive language can be learned for those willing.

These classes will teach effective listening skills & the understandings & reasons why this is so important especially to women. In a safe space we will release your own personal fears & reasons that have held you back from being able to communicate in a positive manner & how to hold love & care above ego & arrogance in challenging moments. Learn to take time out for you but not zone out never to return. Your relationship & communication understandings will change overnight if you are willing to allow yourself to let go. It can only be taught to those who are willing & open to change.

So if you are an amazing man that has already recognized a need for this or if you are in a relationship & you can get your man to agree to try this as a therapy or simply just book it as a one of the best 'gifts' you could ever give, then this could make a transformational shift in relationships, self & understandings on this planet.💚