THE ENIYA TREE 


Kids birthday parties

Step inside The Mountain Fairy Queen or The Mountain Elfs home for a truly magical party....

If you are looking for an 'experience' for your child's birthday party then look no further than The Eniya Barn. Maximum 10 children. 

Come & see where the The Mountain Fairy Queen or The Mountain Elf  (twin sisters 😉) live in the magical mountains. Your chosen one will greet you & they will remain in character for the entire party giving you a wonderful experience as you visit them in their 'home' up the mountain.

Bring your own food & drink, birthday cake with candles & party bags if you are giving them and we will do the rest.

We supply recyclable eco friendly plates & cups. If you wish to bring your own please only use recyclable materials. Anything non recyclable will be expected to be taken back home with you afterwards. 

Included in your party:

● Your host of The Mountain Fairy Queen or The Mountain Elf-you choose which.

● Then choose between a craft session in keeping with the experience

or hair wrap braiding/hair tinsel.

sorry not both at the same party, it's either all craft or all hairbraiding as too time consuming for both.

For boys at a hair wrap braid party they can have face paint in their hair instead or with parents permission if they have graded hairstyle they can have the small mark (of the mountain elf marked in their hair using hair clipper (The Mountain Fairy & Elf are nvq trained in hairdressing for the human folk) signed permission of their parent or guardian is required for this. 

● 1 professional face paint to either the face or arm or leg including eco glitter. 

● A mountain fairy queen/elf wish with a keepsake wish stone.

● An extra bonus bubble session only if weather is agreeable. 

£ on enquiry.

Please note we are up a mountain track across a farmers field so sensible footwear is required to open the gate at the road as it can be wet, muddy & sheep poop all around. No shoes are to be worn inside of the barn so we can keep it nice for everyone. Please car share if possible & dont park on the roadside, by the gates or up the track as its not part of our property, please drive up the track to us at the top, please make sure all of your guests are aware of this-Thank you for your co-operation.