Meditation Retreat

Available certain dates only, please enquire with your dates via the contact form.

Suitable for a couple , single person or a group of up to 4 that are happy to share beds & stay in an open plan barn together.

Come and experience our guided meditation retreat. There will be 3 meditation sessions a day with us, some verbally guided. There will also be various talks on mindfulness and ways to have a more enriched happy life. 

An important part of this retreat is to experience silence. We are silent between 9pm and 9am and all day on your middle day, so it is best to book at least a 4 night stay, preferably a 6 night to get the full benefit. The whole experience  can bring about powerful changes. When in silence you can fully engage in the now with your surroundings and yourself. Many people resist silence and say "they hate silence", or " I have to have the tv or radio on". Our guidance will aid in understanding that silence is positive, healing and revealing to the point where it then becomes useful in our every day dealings with people and for your own health. Silence is a most powerful medicine. We very often talk too much and much of it is unnecessary, negative or reaction based. Silence allows us the gaps and space to be purely in the moment and to eventually speak with quality when we do, thus avoiding entering into arguments and emotional reactions with practice. You will be able to go back and deal with people with much more patience and a far less negative or angry reaction from yourself which in turn reduces your stress levels and confrontations. You simply just won't feel the need to enter into arguments or negative situations any longer. We are always on hand to see you through it.

We come together and light a fire on your final evening-weather permitting. Its a sociable time for reflection and celebration of your retreat sitting around the warmth and glow of the fire. Bring warm clothing and a blanket for this. 

Incense & candles are provided.

We ask that you dress appropriately during this retreat. Loose comfy clothing suitable for meditation & a wrap or blanket to cover.