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Do you live locally? Want to learn to meditate? Do you often wonder "am I doing it right?" or "how do you meditate?" Are you a regular meditator looking to find a regular group to come along to to keep you in that practice?

Are you always stressed and need to chill out? Then meditation might be for you.

We offer one to one or group meditations. These can be a group of friends wanting to book an experience together or you can come along to an open weekly meditation class and meditate with guidance as a group. 

Do you work in a stressful job or environment? I can travel to your work place in your lunch hour, or if you have a great modern thinking boss then perhaps they will allow a regular hour a week for their employees. Same applies to schools, colleges and universities. Its common to find people work better and get along better for it.

Please note my sessions are not based on any religious faith.

Sessions will start with a quick circle discussion and end with an optional, brief feelings discussion. For those who wish to stay in a quiet place after their meditation you are free to leave before we start our end discussion.

The meditation will have its guided moments with quiet spaces to allow you to go deeper. 

Please bring anything you require to be warm and comfy during the meditation. Numbers are kept small so people can choose to lie down if they wish. A chair is provided if you require to stay seated. Please provide your own floor mat, cushions or blankets. 

A small bottle of water is a good idea for re-hydration afterwards.

To book please use the 'contact us' page.